Dental Studios Fruit teas wear away enamel

Fruit teas wear away enamel

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According to new research from scientists at King’s College London,  sipping acidic drinks such as fruit teas and flavoured water can wear away teeth and damage the enamel. The team found that drinking fruit teas between meals and savouring them for too long increased the risk of tooth erosion from acid. The research, published in the British Dental Journal, looked at the diets of 300 people with severe erosive tooth wear. Fruit squashes, cordials, fruit teas, diet drinks, sugared drinks and flavoured water are all acidic and can cause wear and tear to teeth, the researchers said.

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Fruit teas can also stain your teeth too. Choose water to keep the acid levels down and, of course, water won’t stain your teeth.


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Dental Studios Fruit teas wear away enamel

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