Dental Studios Dental care for mothers and babies

Dental care for mothers and babies

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This post is for mothers of infants and babies. many people are unaware that their dental health can suffer during your pregnancy. Hormonal changes and nutritional requirements fluctuate and this is one reason why a visit to your dentist is highly recommended. A quick check-up can be seen as a means to review your dental health and also the general health well-being of you and your baby.¬† Once your baby is born, it is important to look after both your oral and dental health as well as your baby’s oral health, especially in the early months of your baby’s life. This can help ensure that you both have healthy mouths in the future. There is evidence to suggest that there is a link between good gum health and good birth outcomes: for example, researchers¬†believe that expectant mothers may be less likely to have their babies prematurely if they have healthy gums.

For more information: visit Oral Health Foundation

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