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Six reasons to visit the hygienist…regularly!

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Why should you make it a priority to visit the hygienist? Here are six reasons:

1) To prevent gum disease

Gum disease causes bleeding, painful gums, bad breath, and ultimately, lost teeth! Yes, you can’t have healthy teeth without healthy gums. The good news is that gum disease can be treated, stopped and – in many cases – even reversed. But, it must be caught in its early stages. Your Hygienist can help treat and prevent gum disease and, more importantly, give an oral hygiene regime to take better care of your teeth at home.

2 ) To prevent bad breath

Bad breath or Halitosis is most commonly caused by a dental problem. A foul odour can be released by bacteria trapped under the gumline, where only a dental professional can get to, and clean, properly.

3) To have a whiter smile

Stains build on your teeth that simply cannot be removed by brushing alone. This can often be the result of tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine or other foods and drinks. Your hygienist can effectively remove these stains to restore your teeth to their natural whiteness.

4) To stop gums bleeding

Bleeding gums is a sign of gum inflammation, which is also often an early sign of gum disease. If caught early enough, this is – in most cases – completely reversible. Your hygienist thoroughly cleans hard deposits off your teeth in and around your gums, and will then show you how to prevent the condition from building up in the future.

5) To improve your Self Esteem

If your mouth feels clean, and look whiter, it makes you feel good. Research shows this improves your confidence. The feeling of fresher breath also makes you feel more comfortable, especially in intimate situations.

6) To keep Your teeth

Gum disease is the leading cause of adult patients losing their teeth. In the later stages of gum disease, teeth become very loose, painful and often acutely infected. This can leave no other option, but to remove the affected teeth. Sometimes, teeth become so loose, that they fall out on their own. Your hygienist’s number one mission is to make sure this never happens, by treating and preventing gum disease.

Remember: It doesn’t matter how well you brush and floss, or whether you use the latest electric toothbrush, there will still be areas in your mouth that you just won’t be able to clean as effectively as a hygienist. A hygienist has specially made instruments and the training to know exactly where the hidden tartar and plaque will be and how to eliminate it.

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