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Dental Studios Dental care for mothers and babies  dental studios borehamwood - dentist clinic

Dental care for mothers and babies

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This post is for mothers of infants and babies. many people are unaware that their dental health can suffer during your pregnancy. Hormonal changes and nutritional requirements fluctuate and this is one reason why a visit to your dentist is highly recommended. A quick check-up can be seen as a means to review your dental health and also the general health well-being of you and your baby.  Once your baby is born, it is important to look after both your oral and dental health as well as your baby's oral health, especially in the early months of your baby's life. [...]
Dental Studios Can a trip to the hygienist prevent cancer?  dental studios borehamwood - dentist clinic

Can a trip to the hygienist prevent cancer?

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Researchers have discovered that regular trips to your hygienist may help prevent cancer - and not just oral cancers! Why? According to the researchers' findings, there is a strong connection between periodontal (gum) disease and many types of cancers. A National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in the USA estimated the prevalence, severity, and extent of periodontitis in the adult U.S. population and found that more than 47% of people have periodontitis. many were unaware that they had the condition. The researchers also revealed that early symptoms of many systemic diseases ( including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, low-birth-weight complications in pregnancy, [...]
Dental Studios Six reasons to visit the hygienist...regularly!  dental studios borehamwood - dentist clinic

Six reasons to visit the hygienist…regularly!

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Why should you make it a priority to visit the hygienist? Here are six reasons: 1) To prevent gum disease Gum disease causes bleeding, painful gums, bad breath, and ultimately, lost teeth! Yes, you can't have healthy teeth without healthy gums. The good news is that gum disease can be treated, stopped and - in many cases - even reversed. But, it must be caught in its early stages. Your Hygienist can help treat and prevent gum disease and, more importantly, give an oral hygiene regime to take better care of your teeth at home. 2 ) To prevent bad breath [...]
Dental Studios FESTIVE OFFER  dental studios borehamwood - dentist clinic


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Who wants whiter brighter teeth for Christmas? Home tooth whitening starter kits £99.00 (includes custom fitted trays and 6 whitening gels) Offer end 15/12/2017 Normal price £225.00 Please call 020 8953 2646 with offer code: Festive17